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5 August 20112nd generation i7

New Intel Processor range. Intel has always been at the forefront of new computer technology and looking at the spec sheet of their 2nd generation Core processor family, it looks like like they will stay there. The new Intel processor Core i3, i5 and i7 CPU's are widely used on laptops and desktops while their Xeon's are used in servers.

They now have beefed up their product range which they call, "The 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor family".

So, what has changed in the new Intel processor range since the previous generations?

Speed wise, only the core i7 has a higher frequency while the i3 and i5 stays the same. The core i5 and i7 uses Intel's new Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. This technology allows processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency. It's automatically set if the CPU is operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits.

The new generation CPU's continues to use the very successful hyper threading technology from Intel.

The biggest enhancement for these new CPU's has to be the built in graphics on the processors. All three models now use built in Intel HD Graphics 2000 or Intel HD Graphics 3000 technology. This means that you can now play games without the need for fancy and expensive graphics cards.

This is huge for mobile devices like laptops and note books. Previously you had to shop for a laptop with either a dedicated graphics chip such as ATI or Nvidia. These laptops are usually very expensive and this move from Intel definitely gets my vote.

Keep in mind though that not all models have the HD 3000 technology, which is the more powerful of the two. The mobile CPU's all have the HD3000 technology while some of the desktop CPU's have HD 3000 and some have HD2000.

For example, the core i5-2510E processor uses HD3000 while the core i5-2500T processor uses HD2000. But then again, hard core gamers will always look at ATI and Nvidia when they buy their desktops. They might buy the HD2000 CPU, which is a bit cheaper, and then use the dollars to buy a graphics adapter.

But like I said, The mobile 2nd Generation CPU's will really do well with the HD3000 new computer technology.

The 2nd generation CPU range includes mobile and desktop CPU's. The i7 is extended and also includes an extreme version. I think that gamers want to have a look at products that boast the new core i7 extreme edition CPU's.

These 2nd generation CPU's are part of the Sandy bridge architecture. If you're not sure which CPU to get, then head over to Intel's website and get detailed specs on the CPU's.

Before you buy, get the model number of the CPU in the laptop or desktop. If it's not displayed, then ask the sales guy for the CPU number and check out the specs on Intel's website. Always make sure.

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