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My name is Pieter Joubert and I am the creator of what-is-my-computer.com. I'm from South Africa.

I have been working with computers since 1989. From 2001 to 2008 I have trained hundreds of students on small and enterprise systems. Mostly on Sun Microsystems hardware and software.

I'm currently working as a solution specialist and consultant for a small company in South Africa.

So, why did I create a site on computers when there are so many out there?

Well, if you look at most sites about computers, they are quite technical and difficult to understand.

Through my years of training, I have developed simple ways to explain complex concepts to my students. I have learned that if you understand the basics, then it's easier to understand the more complex concepts.

That's also how I learn a new product that I have never seen before. I learn the basics and once I understand that, I move on to the harder stuff.

I realized that a lot of people use computers but don't actually understand how they work. They always rely on other people to help them if they have a problem with their PC.

I know people that have used a computer for years, but when you ask them what is RAM or CPU or a hard disk, they don't know. "The IT guys will sort it out.", they always say.

I also got tired of explaining the same concepts over and over again. So I decided to create a website on the topic. If someone asks me what RAM is, I just point them to my website and tell them to read the hardware and software sections.

I also decided to add some more advanced stuff to the website and technology updates. You have to keep up to date.

I hope I have succeeded in my quest to make computers easy to understand for all.

Pieter Joubert

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